Secondary School programs

Secondary school students are on the cusp of adult life, but often a very long way from having the skills and confidence they need to negotiate life as an adult. ABW enterprise education programs can have a tremendous impact on these students, allowing them to experience the business world in an adult role, via a safe simulated environment.

ABW programs for secondary school students are tailored for the age groups concerned.

Years 9, 10, 11 and 12


For years 9, 10, 11 and 12, our enterprise education program engages your ‘emerging adults’ into a virtual world of business for a week.

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Years 7 and 8


Our program for years 7, 8 is an intensive, usually one week learning experience that gives students the opportunity to learn about business and themselves.

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Secondary School program

The ABW program for secondary students is an intensive but enjoyable experiential learning experience over one or more weeks that complement the students’ regular curriculum.

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Tertiary program

The ABW tertiary program allows students to operate a virtual business, make decisions and mistakes, compete against their peers, and learn a range of skills that will serve them well in their chosen career.

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Primary School program

Help primary students to develop team skills, self-worth, a work ethic, respect for others and a sense of community responsibility. Our enterprise programs allow them to learn about themselves and the adult world around them in an exciting hands-on way.

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