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New features

Certificate of Achievement

Customised to include student and school name, date, team performance etc.

Student management

Easier management of students, mentors and team allocation.


Add additional elements such as a jingle or website and rescale the percentage for each. We have also simplified the judging process.

Customised timeframe

Select a schedule to suit you. Structure decision periods, plenary, team meetings and more.

Letter & template library

Sample templates making it easier to communicate with students, parents, mentors and sponsors.

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Seriously fun learning


Help your students develop confidence and an enterprising attitude. With ABW Business Simulations, students take on the responsibility of running a virtual business where they make a range of important decisions and manage the results. It’s the perfect way to engage young minds and build confidence.

Business simulations


Students step into management roles to run an established virtual company. There are five exciting simulation environments for secondary and tertiary students and a simpler sandwich shop simulation for primary students.

Program benefits


When you give students an adult role in a virtual business environment you’re helping them to:

  • Understand business and workplace environments
  • Explore vocational possibilities
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Gain insight into marketing, operations and resource management
  • Understand finance and business strategies
  • See a bigger picture!

All students receive a Certificate of Achievement